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06. 10. 10
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  • I can't recommend this book highly enough - for all those who wish to be inspired to pursue their dreams. In these tough economic times, when many people fearful for their jobs and security, it seems the answer may be the very dream upon which our country was built - entrepreneurialism. Featuring stories from several business owners who tell their personal stories, including challenges, how obstacles were met and more - this book inspires the reader to pursue their passions, their goals and their dreams. Five stars! --Jo Lynne Valerie
  • A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur's Spirit is a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs who will learn a lot about business and life from the stories of 50 different entrepreneurs around the world. Their stories will not only provide some real life education but a healthy dose of inspiration as well! -- Jay B. Myers
  • Jeretta Nord has done a wonderful job collecting stories from entrepreneurs who are willing to share parts of their world with the reader. -- Jack Allen Jr.
  • This book is very informative and interesting. I loved reading about how entrepreneurs got started in their businesses and some of the problems they encountered while building their businesses. --Sandy McCauley
  • You will want to read the book from cover to cover as soon as you pick it up. The book features over 50 first-person entrepreneurs' stories. The book will inspire the reader to think of their own possible ventures! --Cindy Thompson
  • Nord's purpose is to inspire and energize entrepreneurialism, and in my opinion, she accomplishes her goal. It's an energizing read for existing entrepreneurs as well as those thinking about becoming one. --Dan Bobinski


  • Sit down with your most tasty cup of cappuccino and get ready to read. This book is so awesome. I always like to read about entrepreneurs and their stories. The stories are very inspiring and will really get you motivated if you are ready for the next step. It is super scary but it can be done. You will feel their passion as you read each entrepreneur's story. You can read it straight through like I did or pick out certain stories to read in a few minutes that you have for you. Just a warning....it's hard to put down. Very enjoyable book. --K. Peoples
  • Sometimes you just need a "jolt" of inspirational "caffeine" and this book does it well! Seeing the diversity of experiences coupled with the dogged determination of these entrepreneurs and their stories, not only inspires, but reminds us that we ALL have this potential if we simply stepped a little out of our comfort zone and pursued our dreams! --Natalie Corres "WolfWoman"
  • This book is filled with very interesting stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I like that each story provides information and insight about the entrepreneur's background and thought process as they were following their dreams and goals. The stories also point out that you just never know how an opportunity might present itself to you in life. The stories in this book are short and to the point and very enjoyable. --Ellen Ambrose
  • I think this is just the kind of book that everybody needs to read right now. With the economy in such a downward trend, it will give hope and inspiration to those aspiring to become entrepreneurs, and isn't that just what our country needs right now. We need people who will bring forth new ideas and create jobs and bring back the old fashioned work ethic. The stories are short and easy to read, and almost without exception, inspiring, because they remind us that nothing is impossible if we put our minds, our hearts, and our hard work into what we aspire to create. I would fully recommend the book to all ages. You will not be disappointed!! --Joyce. L. Patterson
  • I've always thought that people who started their own businesses were somehow different from people like me...but after reading this book I was encouraged to see that they were just tenacious in pursuing their path! I especially enjoyed reading about the young people that were starting businesses, it is just amazing that they are working that hard and combining it with schoolwork, friends, etc. During these times of downsizing (or rightsizing?) it's great to see ordinary people succeed on their own terms. --Janet James
  • This is a great book. Fun to read. Gives insight into what it takes to go from idea to product. My 20-year-old engineering student son is reading it now as well and really likes it. -- Marian Justiss
  • The stories cover all types of successes. The stories are short to the point, very well written and most of all inspirational. --Deborah S. Powell
  • I love this book. One can read it cover to cover, or, find a chapter topic of interest and read the individual stories which are both inspiring and motivational. I am fascinated with the quotes that have been selected for each Chapter and for each individual's story. As a continuation of Volume I in which one reads about finding the passion and persevering, Volume II gives us the stories of successful entrepreneurs who continue living their dreams, taking their dreams to the next level and finally making a difference. Get a cup of cappuccino, find a comfortable chair, sit down with this book and prepare to find wonderful, inspiring stories of happiness and success. --Nancy Haines
  • This is a well written and very interesting book on entrepreneurs. It would make a great addition to anyone's library. The stories are short and fun to read. Anyone curious about the ups and downs of becoming an entrepreneur should read this book. --Sandy McCauley
  • A Cup of Cappuccino is timely, instructive and fun to read. Anyone hoping to start their own business, or just wondering how other folks do it, should enjoy reading about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. --A. Wells
  • A Cup of Cappuccino is a wonderfully inspiring book. It captures the spirit and mindset of so many entrepreneurs giving the reader a true sense of what it is like to take an idea in to commercialization. A Cup of Cappuccino is a great read for anyone from the budding to experienced entrepreneur to the dreamer. -- The Consummate Entrepreneur
  • Every morning I read one of the inspiring stories along with my coffee. These stories of people who have started their own businesses and who are making a difference in the world make me want to get going and do the same! -- J. Hill
  • Wow! I know that there are many people out there who have an amazing idea or a gift for doing something extraordinary. Yet, so many of us stop short of ever pursuing a passion or making a dream become a reality. If you are one of those people, then pick up this great read and learn about others who may have been in that same spot at one time or another. Find out what helped spark these individuals' entrepreneurial spirit. The book is inspirational, well-written, and you might just find the idea that motivates you to do what you have always dreamed of doing. --Lisa McLaughlin
  • This book is real! It's made up of true stories by random people throughout the country that are living the American dream. What I enjoy most about it is that the stories are short and easily digestible especially for those of us who are too busy to sit down and read a long, complicated business-type text book on what it might take to become an entrepreneur. Each story is truly an inspiration. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel good about seeing all types of Americans succeed by their own hard work and a bit of willingness to take a risk. -- Michelle Tavares-Foster
  • By reading the book, cover to cover, I learned from an amazing variety of people starting just about every kind of business in all sorts of circumstances. The book does a great job of organizing stories by topic, helping me to absorb all the life lessons being relayed. The book also provides succinct and relevant quotes throughout that reinforce lessons learned while becoming an entrepreneur. I wholeheartedly recommend this well-researched and organized book to every want-a-be or veteran entrepreneur. There's something in it for everyone to inspire and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. --Qena A. McCarthy
  • As I read each story, I am inspired in new and different ways. The insight has time and time again caused me to walk away from the book pensive and eager to tweak my business growth plans. I'm looking forward to future editions! -- Jennifer Price
  • This book is inspirational. To see so many people follow their dreams, break out of their constraints, get off the couch and just do it is a joy to experience! The straight forward, well written accounts of challenge, success, and achievement from such diverse walks of life and backgrounds, helped me to see that through guts, sweat, smarts, and determination, possibilities abound. Well done! -- Beth J. Stabile
  • These personal accounts of achievement through entrepreneuism are truly motivational. Anyone who has dreamed of starting their own business will benefit. The stories are just the right length to keep your attention and capture your imagination. And there are a wide variety of business types captured, from wine bars to non-profits. You can learn about their strategies, challenges and lessons learned. I would recommend it! -- Anna B. Williams
  • Often the difference between an entrepreneur that succeeds and one that doesn't is the number of times they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and begin again. This book is full of personal stories of entrepreneurs of all ages, and many different backgrounds and walks of life, and is truly inspirational. Once I picked the book up and started reading the stories of each entrepreneur's path to success, I couldn't put it down. Hearing how others have reached their goals is great fuel for the mind and soul of anyone interested in being an entrepreneur. Great book! --Valerie Andersen
  • What a great book. I couldn't put it down until I devoured it cover to cover. This book should belong to everyone who is starting out in the business world or anyone who wants to expand their library. -- Deanna C. Seat


  • Women cannot have enough examples of females as achievers in business and in life. This book helps fill a void, recounting the successes of many women in various fields and through different paths. It shows that if one avenue isn't the right one for you, there are others that may be. --Brooke Murphy
  • I was very inspired by your story in A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur's Spirit. Your courage and tenacity amidst overwhelming obstacles is admirable! I am challenged by your deep desire to empower other women and I love your philosophy, "If you educate a woman, you educate a nation. And secondly, a country that is economically sound has a greater capacity for peace." Thank you for sharing your story. It serves as a reminder of our true purposes on planet earth, to serve others and encourage them to live their greatness. -- Karla Driskill to Terry Neese about her story titled Building Peace Through Business in Developing Countries.
  • The sheer number of extraordinary entrepreneurial women in this collection is jaw dropping. As individuals leading their companies they are capable of anything. Together, they are capable of changing the world. The takeaway from these told-in-the-first-person stories, is that entrepreneurial women will lead us out of this recession. My favorite is 93-year-old Lucy Jarvis, pioneer television producer. Ms. Jarvis's common sense, wicked sense of humor, and courage to step into the unknown, set the standard in her industry for hundreds of thousands of women who would follow her example. Her story is unforgettable. This is a must-read for anyone having anything to do with women in business! --Ann Sachs
  • I am actually in this book and am privileged to know many of the women featured in it. Of course I knew my own story and some of the details of stories from the women I know. In spite of this, I was still pleasantly surprised when I picked up the book to start reading it. The chapters are short and I can read them when I have a few minutes to fill. But most importantly, I find them very inspiring and motivating. As a women business owner I often feel isolated. When I read one of these stories it makes me feel motivated to push ahead and keep going. I have also given this book as a gift to girls in high school and college. Several have told me that they really loved it. Many of them are deciding what to do with their own lives and this book tells them that they can do anything. It is possible. These real life stories serve as examples of the endless potential within each of us. --Debra Murray, President and Managing Member, Blue Spring International
  • This is a fun and easy book to read. It was very interesting to read about all of the women's challenges and successes that they encountered in their journey to becoming an Entrepreneur. I love that the book contains lots of short stories, each one keeps your interest from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend this book to all readers. --Sandy McCauley
  • It is fantastic to see a group of normal everyday women showing us that anything is possible. Love the idea of reading a story while we enjoy a cuppa. If you ever doubted to follow your dream read these women's story's from inspiration. Great job. --Gazza
  • This book is a must read for anyone who wants to be inspired. What makes it unique is that it is not just one story of success, but the many stories of successful women who have overcome obstacles to make it in the business world. --CoffeeMom
  • Delightful, must read for anyone.... that has a mother, brother, sister, father with a dream. --Anonymous


  • The American Indian Women Entrepreneurs’ Edition of A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur’s Spirit is a real wake up call that showcases the work that our Native Women Entrepreneurs have accomplished.It’s both a guide to inspire our young women and a testament to the struggle and success that our female elders have endured. It is a definite recommendation to any native women living in the urban setting andstruggling to maintain their traditional ways while trying to succeed in a foreign environment. --John Simermeyer, Executive Director, Baltimore American Indian Center
  • Sweetened with humor to cut the bitterness of life’s pains, dark as the lovely sun-kissed brow of a Native woman, strong as the entrepreneur’s day is long, this Cup of Cappuccino is served so thick with wisdom that it will keep you up late reading, turning the well-worn pages of each Indian woman’s life. It is a must read for every business owner, all reservation high school students, each prospective entrepreneur. Inspiration enough to grow on… Determination to carry through the hard spots… Indigenous principles by which to blossom. --Laralyn RiverWind, CEO, Native Touch
  • A Cup of Cappuccino is exactly what the doctor ordered. It is inspirational, uplifting and in these very chaotic times, it gives not only Native women, but all people, a sense of hope, pride and accomplishment. I am honored to be in the company of such incredible leaders and entrepreneurs’ and can’t wait to hold the hard copy in my hands. As you read this, relish in knowing that we are truly making a difference together. This publication serves as a spring board for many more ventures to become reality, and serves as witness that dreams can come true. --Kay Oxendine, Haliwa-Saponi,Publisher/Owner/Editor – 360 View Newspaper
  • Nord, Wheeler and Tovar share some provoking and powerful stories from American Indian women about the lives they lived and challenges they faced during and while building their business ventures. Highly recommended for public, young women and academic libraries with Business and American Indian interests. --Rosa Revels Winfree (Lumbee) – Chair of Conference For American Indian Women of Proud Nations
  • Women have been doing this forever : making things, making things for others, making things for survival, figuring out how to make things better, and how to make a living from making things the way they want , figuring out how to teach others how to make, so they too can make a living. I wanted to be a dancer , and I had to figure out how to do that. Eventually I taught others. I wanted to dance in profoundly beautiful works of art, and that led me to becoming a choreographer, director, producer . I wash the costumes, book the flights, recruit the dancers, cajole the volunteers, negotiate contracts, sketch the logo, sweep the floors - whatever it takes. And, lo and behold, I am an entrepreneur! And, I decide from the beginning that this whole entity will not be a hierarchy of decision making, but a shared collective of creative contribution for all the participants - and I am now a cultural entrepreneur! Take courage, all you women out there, you are leaders and what you make can become a way of life!" --Rulan Tangen, Founding Artistic Director and Choreographer, DANCING EARTH
  • Wow! This book blew up my staid definition of entrepreneur! Most of all, I was struck by the overriding theme of connectedness inherent in each woman’s story, not only to the deep cores of heritage but also to customers, family, and colleagues—in short, to anyone or anything that could help make their visions become reality. Even “bottom lines” are enmeshed in the web of their respective communities. This book is a vital contribution to American Indian economic development and a wonderful read. Alice M. Azur, Mi'kmaq Metis, Author of Along Came a Spider
  • Powerful and Transformative. More than just a "Good Read". This book is an "Experience". I experienced a healing message as each woman shared her story of fulfilling her purpose. This book delivers a message of empowerment everyone seeks. A must read for any woman and any man who cares about the well being of women. --Michael Heppler, Heppler Educational Consulting